About The Restaurant

The restaurant is situated above the town, on the hill in the middle of deciduous forest. The interior of the restaurant has a separate part for all kind of business organizations.

With our technical support, professional and discrete service and excellent cuisine, one can organize all kind of corporate events: conferences, team building, business lunches and dinners, company celebrations, business training, recreational activities for emploies, excursions, seminars... In addition, we organize all kinds of celebrations: weddings, baptism, New Years celebrations, graduations, birthdays...

Closed restaurant hall has 150 seats, and a garden 120 seats of which 70 are covered.

In addition to the larger group, we organize for smaller groups of guests in a separated parts of the restaurant or garden.

We will make your birthdays and anniversaries special.

Our national and international cuisine offers fresh food excellent taste, specialy served, which will satisfy all your senses. Breakfast at restaurant Bagdala with morning coffee, and great view of nature, is certainly great recommendation for the begining of your day.

If you want to organize the wedding of your dreams, you are at the right place. Modern decorated restaurant hall with refined decorative elements, gives romantic atmosphere and an image of a fairy tale. Our professional organization of weddings, professional staff with experience and excellent cuisine will make our dream wedding come try. To make your wedding even more exquisit, we offer an organization of a civil wedding in the restaurant as well as in church of St.John. The restaurant is located at only two hundred meters from the church of St. John.

Parking for guests of the restaurant is provided.

For any additional informations and agreements, please contact us by phone +381 37 201 500 or by click on the following links Reservation and Contact.

The trust we offer and the impressions that will follow after you visit the Restaurant Bagdala.

About Us

The Restaurant is situated above the town on the hill in the middle of deciduous forest. It accommodates 270 guests, 150 guests in the restaurant and 120 in the garden of which 70 are covered.

The interior of the restaurant has a separate part for business organization, and therefore is ideal for seminars, presentations and business meetings.



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